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Entrepeneurs – The Path to Investment (or not)

Every first Tuesday of the month we organise a Coffee, Tea & Investment meeting. Here you can form a better idea of informal investment, The Investors Club and our methods. By joining one of these meetings you automatically become a member of our Entrepreneurs Club.

If both you and the Investors Club feel there might be an opportunity after the CTI you’re welcome to participate in one of our Proposition Preparation Days. Here, lead by a co-founder of The Investors Club, you’ll learn to come with a sharp and thoroughly thought through pitch and proposition. We will prep you to be ready to pitch for our investors; not just why your concept is the next best thing but more why our investors are the right people to take your business to a higher level. Learning to ask for – and in the end get what you want (capital but also relevant experience, skills and network) are the goals of this day. Besides all that, the PPD is also really fun and perfect to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

The next step might be Coffee With Investors, where you will ‘speeddate’ with our investors. However, the most suitable entrepeneurs will go on to a Deal Making Dinner. We organise eight annually, where a limited number of entrepeneurs get the chance to present their proposition to a large group of investors. Good food and wine are essential to the creation of an informal atmosphere and will hopefully let the deals flow!

In the end, when a deal is made we don’t ask for a percentage of the deal but for your participation in our V.I.I.P. Club.  Instead of a percentage we work with the following two packages:

Our introduction package:

Get-to-know-us Pack € 25 (one year)
Attend one Coffee, Tea & Investment (CT&I) meeting
Receive our quarterly e-newsletter
Attend knowledge sharing get-togethers
Join our closed Ondernemersclub linkedin knowledge forum
Make a videopitch and send it in for approval (no guarantees)
Discount on partner offers & events (investment contracts, notaries, etc.)

See our agenda for the next coffee meeting and start your journey to investment!

The next step (order here):
Upgrade to the ‘Get-Invested’ Pack € 275 (one year)
Attendance at Proposition Preparation Day

Attendance at a Coffee-with-Investors session or Deal-Making Dinner
Handbook: Hoe vind ik een investeerder? (in Dutch)
Concept contracts investment
20% discount Erasmus Collegereeks Ondernemers

Another possibility is to post your proposition in our online investment group on the Symbid platform. All investors that joined this group will see your proposition and will be able to directly invest in your dream! Your pitch will be shown exclusively in our group and investors will discuss it with each other and ask you additional questions via the platform. They will not hold back to share their relevant knowledge, network and experience with you. Your proposition will be visible for a couple of weeks and afterwards you will know if your business won the trust of enough business angels. This way we enable you to enjoy the perks of informal investment online!