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We’re always looking for promising entrepeneurs as well as active investors.


The Investors Club is a network of around 50 active investors. We always meet in an informal setting because fun is very important to us. At every Deal Making Dinner there’s the opportunity to meet, catch up and exchange experiences with each other while enjoying food and drinks. Only in this way, mutual trust is created and deals can be done.

‘Active’ means you show an interest in our club: turning up to most of the Deal Making Dinners and evaluating the entrepreneurs pitching as well as introducing your own entrepreneurs and personality to the club.

You can sample us before becoming a member! Our introduction package contains the following elements:

o An informing one-on-one meeting to get to know us.

o An invitation to a Dealmaking Dinner

o The handbook “Informal Investment”

o Invitation to other events like:

– Coffee, Tea & Investment (first acquaintance with entrepeneurs)

– Proposition Preperation Day (preparation entrepeneurs)

– Partner events (by incubators and/or competitions)

– Participation in our group on the crowdfunding platform Symbid

To make it possible for you as an investor to invest smaller amounts in promising start-ups with a smaller need for capital, The Investors Club started a group on the Symbid crowdfunding platform. All propositions will apear solely in our group; our members will be the only ‘crowd’. Because these entrepreneurs need a relatively small amount, they will not (yet) pitch on a Dealmaking Dinner. However, this does not mean that their propositions are less interesting! Meet the multinationals of the future and help them online with capital, knowledge and skills. Our Symbid group can also be of use if our regular deals are too large for you as an investor, or if you don’t have the time to attend a Dealmaking Dinner.

Your investment for this introduction is €150,-. Interested? Contact us through info@deinvesteerdersclub.nl.