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Entrepeneurs – The Path to Investment

Every month we organise either a Coffee, Tea & Investment or Beer, Bitterballs and Investment meeting. Here you can form a better idea of informal investment, The Investors Club and our methods and meet a few of our investors who will give you a clear insight into your company and its potential for investment.

If you convince the investors, you’re welcome to participate in one of our  Proposition Preparation Days. Here, with around Four other entrepreneurs, you’ll develop a sharp and thoroughly thought through  proposition that will prep you to be ready  for our investors; not just why your concept is the next best thing but also why our investors are the right people to take your business to a higher level.

The next step is an invitation to our Pitch Evening. We organise eight annually and if you make a deal, there is no fee to pay as your contributions to the CTI/BBI and PPD cover all costs.

In the end, when a deal is made we don’t ask for a percentage. Instead of a percentage we work with the following two packages:

Overview of costs:

Coffee, Tea and Investment or Beer, Bitterballs and Investment – €45 (ex. VAT)

Proposition Preparation Day – €375 (ex. VAT)