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Entrepeneurs – The Path to Investment


Are you an entrepreneur looking for capital and do you have a need for knowledge and network? Than De InvesteerdersClub might be of interest for you.

Every six weeks the members of De InvesteerdersClub get together to meet entrepreneurs who are looking for more than money. The location differs every time from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag and Den Bosch. These gatherings take place on Thursdays from 4PM tot 5:30 PM.


In order to be invited to one of these gatherings we ask you to first sign up for an intake. During this conversation one of our colleagues will check if De InvesteerdersClub is the right place for you. We understand that finding the right financing takes a lot of time and energy  and we do not want to waste your precious time. In case we do not see a possible match between your proposition and the interests of our members than we refer you, when possible, to another, more suitable party. This way there is more time left for you to tend to your business. Cost of the intake is €99,- (ex. VAT) Sign up here (aanmelden)

Meet investors

If we come across a proposition that might of interest (one of) our members than we would like to invite you to attend one of our gatherings. This will be the first introduction to a number of our investors where everybody introduces themselves with their background and interests and where you get the chance for a short one on one conversation. For the entrepreneurs the gathering is finished at 5:30 PM.


The investors will decide after this gathering if we are going to invite you at one of our following events to pitch. If that is the case than one of our colleagues is going to help you to prepare your pitch. The goal of this session is to help the entrepreneur to refine the proposal so that he or she is ready to pitch an interesting proposition. Hence the entrepreneur learns to ask what he or she needs besides capital so he or she will get in touch with an investor who can not only provide the capital but also the experience, knowledge or network that can bring the entrepreneur much further. There will be no extra charge for attending the gathering, pitch preparation and the pitch event itself. If you do find an investor via De InvesteerderClub than we charge the entrepreneur a 2% success fee (ex. VAT).