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De InvesteerdersClub offers you the chance to get in touch with entrepreneurs who are looking for an investor.



De InvesteerdersClub is a network of active investors. An active investor is an investor who shows interest in other investors, in entrepreneurs, actively participates at our events and is looking for deals to invest in. And does deals.


Pleasure is a common goal at De InvesteerdersClub. Therefor we meet in an informal setting at pleasant locations. Yearly there will be plenty of occasions to meet, exchange experiences and chat with likeminded people. By being active, interested and having fun you will build mutual trust and mutual trust will enhance the chance to do deals.


It is without a doubt that investors within the club will help each other with questions of how to make the most successful investment. Some prefer to participate in a deal with multiple investors to spread their risk or to leverage each-others knowledge and network, for others it might be a way to discover the world of informal investing.



If you are an investor interested to join our club call 06-11950800 or mail to make an appointment. We like to invite you to attend one of our events to experience for yourself if De InvesteerdersClub is a club for you.




In 2021 we organize 8 get togethers, see our agenda.


These get togethers will differ program wise each time; meeting entrepreneurs, pitches, exchange experiences, theme speaker, good food and matchmaking. Or a combination of these. The regular meetings we end with beer and bitterballen. Twice a year we organize an investor only dinner. Once during the winter and once during the summer, our yearly Beach BBQ.


The entrepreneurs


Via our platform yearly around 250 entrepreneurs sign up for an intake. During that intake our office pre-selects entrepreneurs that might have a fit with the investors of De InvesteerdersClub. In case we don’t see a fit we advise the entrepreneur, were possible, to other sources of funding.


In case we do see a fit we invite the entrepreneur to our next event so he or she can have a one on one conversation with an investor. After the entrepreneurs leave the investors will discuss which entrepreneur(s) we will invite to one of our next gatherings to pitch. These entrepreneurs will receive guidance from the organization as they prepare their propositions.



An investor can only be invited to become a member of De InvesteerdersClub after an introduction and an intake with the organization.


Membership is an investment of €695,- (ex.BTW) the first year. The years following €895,- (ex.BTW) unless you introduce a new member, then it stays €695,- (ex. BTW)


Members of the club must meet admission criteria and sign a code of conduct in which they endorse the norms and values of the club.




Members of De InvesteerdersClub invest because they enjoy to help (starting) entrepreneurs realize their ambitions. A member invests with money that they don’t need for their daily living expenses. The investor has other types of income from investments, businesses and/or a paid job.


Handbook informal investing


Several investors from our club are co-author for the book: “Handboek informal investing”. This book is published by Business Angel Netwerken Nederland (BANN) and you can download it for free here.